Haiku are easy enough to define. They are traditional Japanese poems consisting of three lines; the first line has five syllables, the second seven syllables, the final one five syllables again. Advertisements

Hey! Where Do You Think You’re Going with that Nanobot?

I recently read a prediction by Ray Kurzweil that made me stop and think. Kurzweil is Google’s ‘leading futurist’ and apparently a man greatly respected by Bill Gates. The prediction in question was that human brains will be directly connected to the internet, using nanobots. Now, leaving aside the nanobots for a moment, this is … More Hey! Where Do You Think You’re Going with that Nanobot?

The Minoans

When I was younger I spent some weeks island-hopping around the Aegean, ferry by ferry. The Cyclades, and Greece in general, floated in quieter waters in those days and you could get a better feel for the culture and history cast over the wine-dark sea.

Life in the Bubble

When is the last time you were hungry? I don’t mean missing dinner or going on a crash diet, I mean being so desperate for food that your every waking thought involves trying to find any scrap of sustenance, however filthy or rancid it may be. I mean real hunger. Most people who are poor … More Life in the Bubble